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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to apply?

We are asking students to apply for Pointe Safe so that we can be consistent with class level. We want to set you up for success through our program!


Why are your class sizes so small?

It is very important to us that our teachers are able to watch the students very closely and correct technical errors that can lead to injury! Think of it as a workshop.


But I only have ballet twice a week available at my studio, why can't I take Pointe Safe?

We want to make certain you are successful. The Dance Medicine research indicates that ballet 3x/wk for two years yields produces sufficient BALLET technique to go safely en pointe. Consider taking an extra ballet class a week and you will see and feel the difference. 

Why doesn't a PT teach the class?

We considered this. Part of the problem is that the wonderful field of Dance Medicine has a PR problem. We have so much great information but not great outreach. We went with training ballet teachers because they are the ones who impact the greatest number of students. The teachers are trained and certified through SF Performing Arts PT. 

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Pointe Safe classes are held in San Francisco and online.

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