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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for this class?

Our course is immersive and interactive. Live classes will not run more than 75 minutes but you will be implementing the course material as you go in your lesson plan and taking short cell phone videos each week. Some teachers re-watch the weekly zoom. For the last meeting, it will require a bit more work as you will have to shoot your exit videos and include commentary. Ultimately, it is up to you to find out what works best for your unique schedule and style of learning. We are here to help!


What is the class size?

Usually our class size is 6-12 participants. We prefer to keep class sizes small so we can give individual attention and ensure comprehension and implementation of the program.

What if the class schedule doesn’t work for me?

We highly recommend that you attend the live classes in-person for your own success and enjoyment in the course. You can catch up and watch a recorded session if you have to miss one class, if you have to miss more than 2 you will have trouble keeping up. 


What if my studio does/does not have a pre-pointe program?

We actually love both. We have had teachers from Competition, RAD, Cecchetti, Vaganova and Balanchine backgrounds and studios. For teachers with ballet classes only a few hours a week, we have recommendations on how to develop your pre-pointe program in challenging settings. 


Will there be homework?

Each week we strongly suggest you implement what we cover in class before the next meeting and share your experiences with the group in our community forum, as well as participate in our live discussion each week. 


What if I don’t pass the certification process?

Our pass rate is over 80%. If you do not pass the Pointe Safe certification, you are invited to retake the course once at no charge. However, if you do not pass the certification twice, you will not be permitted to take the course again.

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Pointe Safe classes are held in San Francisco and online.

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